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The Services That Are Being Received From Biotech


BIOTECH will be providing necessary technical advice for all those who are prepared to implement the bio waste treatment programs for the generation of bio energy and also for those who are genuinely interested in knowing about the details of the programmes.

Feasibility Study

Instructions are being given to the beneficiaries for selecting suitable types of plants after examination of the structure of the land where the waste treatment plant is to be set up and after studying the availability and nature of wastes.

Preparation of Projects

Project reports will be prepared and furnished for the implementation of bio waste treatment programmes, utilizing treatment plants of different sizes and models.

Technology transfer

The technology for the production of different models of plants developed by BIOTECH on industrial basis and the installation of plants will be transferred to interested persons, after completing the required legal formalities like execution of necessary agreements, securing license etc.

Technical Information

Information will be available in BIOTECH as to how the treatment of waste and production of biogas can be effectively carried out, what types of plants are available for this, how the plants can be installed at a comparatively low cost, specially, in areas which are water logged or where availability of land is very scarce or limited.

Project implementation

BIOTECH have sufficient technical expert team foe the implementation of the projects. After completing the construction programmes, the bioenergy schemes are handed over to the beneficiaries.

Research and Development programmes

With a view to making the bio waste treatment and energy generation programme, a people oriented one, and for further developing the various beneficiary.